How art along light rail reflects the community

Valley Metro relies on a strong relationship with the community to help fully integrate transit into each neighborhood. One way, is through art. 

The station artists begin developing their design with community input. They work close with people who live and work near the light rail station to learn more about the community and then incorporate the neighborhood feel and cultural interests in their art.

New art is being installed at new light rail stations and a park-and-ride. Get to know the meaning behind the artwork, before they open! 

50th street station art
50th Street Station 

Greasewood Lace is the name of the artwork at the 50th Street Station. The steel art has laser cut images of the Greasewood, a native plant, to pay tribute to the plant’s healing powers. The artist chose to paint the artwork with a silver finish to evoke the shimmering light of the desert. The arches also provide additional shade at the station. 


Gilbert Road Station
Gilbert Road Station 

The artwork at the Gilbert Road Station is meant to give the traveler an “I am coming home” moment. Ordinary home items such as pillows and lamps are incorporated into the design. The artist also intended for the station to evoke a feeling of magic and fantasy for those who frequent it. This was done by putting in artwork from the artist’s own fantasy stories, such as floating furniture and a man with a long neck. 

Gilbert Road Park-and-Ride art

Gilbert Road Park-and-Ride 

The Gilbert Road Park-and-Ride includes a 1,200 square foot open-air canopy. It has 12 light “cannons” that feature laser-cut steel images. The artist developed the images after asking local students to share their favorite experiences. The images represent their answers, which include hiking, swimming, recess and music. Sunlight beams through each cannon at certain times of the day, casting the image onto the ground.  

All 35 light rail station incorporate art that reflects the neighboring community. Learn more about artwork along light rail here.